CSE Crosscom is a full-service business two-way radio communications provider with over 20 years experience. As Australia’s largest and longest serving Motorola two-way radio provider, we consistently and confidently design complete end-to-end solutions for businesses across all industries.

Our innovative strategies help businesses achieve improved safety, productivity and efficiency with quick and reliable on-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many communications. At CSE Crosscom, meeting your business objectives is our goal.

CSE Crosscom specialised services and products include:

  • Motorola two-way radio sales
  • Motorola two-way radio rentals
  • Two-way radio network setup, maintenance and system support
  • Motorola-certified two-way radio repairs and enhanced warranty services
  • Genuine Motorola two-way radio accessories
  • Two-way digital radio applications

Industry Communications

CSE Crosscom has extensive experience working across all major industries, including:

The CSE Crosscom Experience

CSE Crosscom is more than a hardware dealer. We design and install two-way radio communication solutions tailored to your business’ needs. Your CSE Crosscom solution comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee, ensuring that your system will run smoothly for years to come. That means no down time and more peace of mind.

Motorola Solutions – the Global Leader in Two-Way Radio Communications

CSE Crosscom relies on nothing but the best hardware and technology to provide reliable and cutting-edge services to our clients. Since inventing the first portable two-way radio device over 65 years ago, Motorola Solutions has established itself as the recognised leader in the industry, and CSE Crosscom is proud to be Motorola’s longest-serving Authorised Radio Communications Premier Distribution Partner. Motorola continues to be at the forefront of two-way radio technologies, and is pioneering new digital technologies, which are revolutionising the way two-way radios are being used. With CSE Crosscom, your business can realise the competitive benefits these advances deliver.

Learn more about Motorola’s proven solutions in the mission critical, professional and unlicensed tiers.

Digital and Analogue Two-Way Radios

As the world transitions to digital, the two-way radio industry is experiencing a transformation. The possibilities for digital two-way radios are endless, with unprecedented technological advances. CSE Crosscom, in partnership with Motorola, is leading the way in digital two-way radio communications, and offers an exciting range of digital products and services.

Migrate at your own pace.

As Australia’s longest-serving two-way radio provider, CSE Crosscom also continues to provide expert advice, products and support for analogue two-way radio solutions. And when you decide the time is right for your business to migrate to digital, CSE Crosscom can help you transition. We understand that keeping operations running smoothly during a change in communication systems is vital to your business and will tailor a solution that operates in both analogue and digital mode, so you can migrate work teams one talk group or department at a time – while still maintaining communication across your entire workforce.

Find out about the possibilities and benefits of migrating to digital radio.

Industry Awards

CSE Crosscom is proud to have received the following awards:

2017Australian Radio Partner of the YearMotorola Solutions
2016Australian Radio Partner of the YearMotorola Solutions
2016Australasian Accessories Partner of the YearMotorola Solutions
2010Zeon Channel Partner of the YearMotorola Solutions
2008Zeon Dealer of the YearMotorola Solutions
2007Zeon Dealer of the YearMotorola Solutions
2006Recognition Award – Sponsor and Proud SupporterAustralian Radio Industry Association
2004Greatest Yearly Growth in Radio SalesMotorola Solutions
2001Greatest % Yearly Growth in AAD SalesMotorola Solutions

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