Your customers rely on you to consistently deliver their packages or freight to the right place at the right time. We understand that meeting that expectation requires reliable, clear communications that enable your team to make their deliveries cost effectively, safely, efficiently and on-time.

No matter the size of your organisation, CSE Crosscom can provide a two-way radio solution that will keep your mobile workforce in constant contact and your vehicles on the move. We recommend industry leading Motorola two-way radios to safely deliver higher levels of on-time performance and improved customer satisfaction, while at the same time reducing operating expenses.

Two way radio benefits for transportation:

• Efficient, cost-effective communication among a large workforce
• Clear audio for noisy environments
• Integrated GPS and location tracking software
• Communication throughout your entire delivery area
• Seamless communications across sites without manual intervention
• Emergency features for enhanced worker safety
• Workplace applications designed for local transportation
• Rugged MIL spec equipment to withstand weather extremes
• Durable equipment that lasts 10-15 years
• Programmable option buttons
• Systems designed for on-site, wide area, and multi-site applications
• Batteries that last throughout a work shift
• Cost-effective communication among a large mobile workforce

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Why MOTOTRBO Two-way Radio for Transportation?

Reduce fuel expense
Traffic congestion can not only delay deliveries, it can also increase fuel costs. Dispatchers monitoring traffic conditions can communicate alternate routes to drivers/operators in the field. Dispatchers can advise operators of last-minute changes in cargo requirements or pick-up schedules, avoiding unnecessary trips. And with integrated GPS and location tracking software, dispatchers can identify vehicle locations in real-time and dispatch the closest driver to respond to pick-up and delivery requests.

Reduce operational expense
Making personal calls; driving through areas without adequate coverage; and paying monthly fees are some of the downsides of company-provided cell phones. With two-way radios, these issues are eliminated. Two-way radios incur no monthly fees and no per-call charges, which can save some delivery operators hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month.

Worker safety
Two-way radios offer numerous ways to keep your mobile workforce safer whether they are on the road or at your facility. Transmit interrupt capability enables multiple talk group conversations to be interrupted for the delivery of urgent messages. Emergency notification capability allows drivers to quickly notify dispatch of a situation with just a push of the button. And when integrated GPS is used with a location tracking application, dispatchers can identify the actual location of the drivers and immediately dispatch assistance to the site.

Extend radio coverage to keep drivers safe and cargo secure
The transport business relies on mobility and operates across an entire city or county. With this in mind, many of our Motorola radios operate on PassPort® analog trunking systems. With PassPort trunking, your workforce can communicate over 127 sites so communication is possible throughout your delivery area. In addition, our MOTOTRBO digital IP Site Connect solution enables you to link up to 15 repeaters to also create a wide area network, while at the same time providing the benefits of digital, including increased capacity, longer battery life, data applications and much more.

Drive from site to site without manual intervention
Drivers need to remain focused on the road while making deliveries as well as roam from site to site without losing connection or having to manually switch channels. Both PassPort trunking systems and MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect offer these capabilities to enable seamless communications without manual intervention. PassPort’s wide-area communications network automatically registers each radio with the new site and de-registers the radio from its former site, making travel across sites seamless. And MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect also allows your workers to seamlessly roam across up to 15 sites without manual intervention, so drivers remain focused on the road and not their radio.

Solutions like MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios enable voice communication, text messaging, location tracking, and dispatch in large, busy environments such as large distribution centres. View MOTOTRBO™ portable radios and mobile radios.

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