CSE Crosscom have the experience to match the right two-way radio solution to your business’ needs. Whether you workers are making deliveries, managing guests, repairing roads or restoring power lines, the right radio can change the way your workforce collaborate and transform your business.

Key considerations include:

Coverage and Capacity

Depending on whether your business wants to connect workers on-site or communicate with a workforce on the go, coverage and capacity needs will drive the system type you need. In recommending a two-way radio solution, CSE Crosscom consider how many users, talk-groups and channels you will need.

Radio Needs

Whether you want ultra-thin, rugged, or scalable handheld radios or extra-tough vehicle-mounted radios with integrated Bluetooth® or industry-leading data applications, CSE Crosscom will recommend a radio that fits your needs today and evolves with new features to address your requirements tomorrow.

Why Motorola?

CSE Crosscom relies on nothing but the best hardware and technology to provide reliable and cutting-edge services to our clients. Our extensive range of Motorola two-way radios, repeaters, accessories, data applications, software and services enable us to customise a two-way radio solution to fit your unique business, coverage and application needs.

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