MOTOTRBO™ Digital Radio

MOTOTRBO™ Makes your organisation more efficient and better connected.

When our clients come to us with complex business communication challenges, CSE Crosscom recommend a scalable digital two-way radio solution. Our customised MOTOTRBO™ professional digital two-way radio systems provide a lot more than push-to-talk communications. MOTOTRBO™ is the complete business-essential solution with portable radiosmobile radios, repeaters, accessories, data applications and services.

MOTOTRBO’s digital platform enables higher levels of performance and productivity with:

• Clear and reliable voice communication with background noise suppression
• The flexibility of group or private calls
• Quick access to contacts with keypad shortcuts
• Communication with landline or mobile phone users via digital telephone interconnect
• Data including text messaging, GPS location tracking capability and dispatch
• Custom applications such as work order ticket solutions, email gateways, and man-down
• Twice the number of users for the price of one frequency license.

Whether you want to increase the number of users on your system, extend coverage, connect workers in different locations or deliver voice and data without adding new frequencies, talk to CSE Crosscom about a scalable MOTOTRBO™ solution that fits your facilities, your workforce and your objectives.

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Put the possibilities of digital to work

Powerful and flexible, MOTOTRBO™ is a business critical communication tool that adapts to your workforce, your customers and your business.

Voice and Data in the One Device

MOTOTRBO™ supports both voice and data – including text messaging, GPS location tracking capability, and custom applications such as telephony, dispatch, work order ticket solutions, email gateways, network monitoring, man-down and much more.

Expanded Device Portfolio

With MOTOTRBO’s expanded portfolio of digital radios, CSE Crosscom can match the right device to the right worker – in any industry, environment or position.

Intelligent Audio

MOTOTRBO’s radio volume automatically adjusts to fit the environment’s noise level. Your workers won’t have to adjust radio volume to avoid missing a call in loud settings or disturb others when they move into quiet places.

Integrated Bluetooth

Bluetooth® audio provides voice communication with exceptional clarity and the freedom to move without wires. Ideal for employees who must communicate discreetly or whose jobs necessitate hands-free communication.

Integrated GPS

Track vehicles and people effortlessly with integrated location tracking. Unlike other GPS-capable radios, the MOTOTRBO module is incorporated in the handset so there’s no additional equipment to attach, carry or maintain.

Instant Text Messaging

Quickly and easily share information when voice isn’t an option. Text messaging is ideal for sending messages that don’t need an immediate response, or when voice conversation could be disruptive. Messages are easy to read with large, full color, high resolution screens in the DGP™8000 / DGP™5000 and DGM™8000 / DGM™5000 Series.

Work Order Ticket Management

See what true efficiency can be. The SL4010 portable eliminates a number of steps to read work order tickets, with a five-line display that presents data at a glance – saving time and eliminating multiple scrolls through screens.

MOTOTRBO™ Business Applications

With the industry’s largest Application Developer Programme, MOTOTRBO offers a wide array of data applications to expand your business communication beyond voice. What’s more, you can work directly with third-party developers or your own IT staff to create customised applications designed for your unique needs.

Existing applications include:

  • Location tracking to ses vehicles and personnel at a glance
  • Work order tickets for faster customer response
  • Dispatch consoles for centralised communication
  • Email gateways to connect to email from your radio
  • Network monitoring to maximise system utilisation
  • Man-down applications, so when workers can’t call for help their radios will
  • Telephony for communication between radios and landline phones

Migrate at your own pace

With MOTOTRBO, you can keep operations running smoothly during a change in communication systems. Since MOTOTRBO radios operate in analogue and digital mode, you can use them on your existing analogue system and begin migrating over to digital – one talk group or department at a time – while maintaining communication across your entire workforce.

Give your employees the information they need to be more efficient with the remarkable convenience of one device. Learn more about what digital radio delivers, that analogue cannot.

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