CSE Crosscom SmartTalk

SmartTalk and SmartTalk Digital is a CSE Crosscom owned and managed wide area communication system that provides instant push to talk group communications throughout the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.

SmartTalk Digital

Capacity Plus is the newest capability of the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-way Radio System. It is a scalable, single-site trunking solution that enables up to 1,200 MOTOTRBO™ radio users to share both voice and data communication on the same system.

As a scalable, single-site trunking solution, Capacity Plus enables users to quickly and efficiently share a large amount of business-critical voice and data communication on the same system – resulting in increased productivity for your business. If you have a large number of employees who are organised into multiple work groups and need to share business-critical voice and data communications within a single building, on a campus, or at a manufacturing facility, a MOTOTRBO™ Capacity Plus Single-Site solution is for you.

If you are currently using an analogue trunking system, but are ready to take advantage
of the benefits of digital technology, talk to CSE Crosscom about MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus today.

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MOTOTRBO™ is a standards-based, digital two-way radio communication system that delivers twice the calling capacity of analogue systems, as well as integrated data communications, enhanced voice communications and longer battery life. With Capacity Plus, you can further expand the capacity of your MOTOTRBO™ two-way radio system.

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