Zeon Digital


Zeon Digital by Motorola

ZEON Digital offers digital two-way radio communications, GPS location services, text messaging, data transfer, telephone interconnect and an emergency button, all from the one radio.

The same Motorola radios and networks are used everyday by public safety agencies around the world. Zeon Digital now lets Australian businesses, large and small, take advantage of this experience and communicate with confidence 24/7, 365 days a year.

Zeon Digital customers have access to the most comprehensive network of engineers and support staff within the Australian two-way radio industry. These businesses know their communications are being delivered by the only provider in Australia with two-way radio networks and handsets designed to operate together, built using complementary technology and supported by the CSE Crosscom team, whose only business is two-way radio.

Zeon Digital Key Features

• Future-proof digital radio network

• Secure digital network prevents eavesdropping

• Superior digital voice clarity

• Voice and data combined: the path forward

• Employees can be located 24/7 with GPS

• Emergency button with GPS locator

Zeon Digital Radios

Zeon Digital radios seamlessly roam within the entire network so team members never have to change channels and miss important conversations. They are rugged devices designed for everyday use in the most demanding environments; subject to Accelerated Life Testing to simulate five years of optimum performance.

Zeon Digital’s portable and in-vehicle mobile radio offer:

• Digital two-way

• GPS location services

• Text messaging

• Data transfer

• Telephone interconnect

• Emergency button

Zeon Digital Coverage Maps

Click on the links below to download ZEON Digital coverage maps.

- Melbourne, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula

- Sydney, Penrith and Wollongong

- Newcastle and the Central Coast

- South-East Queensland

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