Radio Rental

CSE Crosscom offers flexible two-way radio rental and hire for your short or long term communications needs. Our premium Motorola two-way systems are quick to install and supported by CSE Crosscom’s excellent radio technicians and service team.

Why Rent Two-way Radios?

Two-way radio rental and hire is a cost-effective alternative for short and long term communications. Rental/hire benefits include:
• No large outlay
• No maintenance costs
• All parts and accessories included
• Compatible with existing radio equipment
• The latest Motorola technology at your fingertips
• A great way to supplement your normal radio fleet during peak periods.

Across All Industries

CSE Crosscom’s premium Motorola two-way radios are a reliable and cost-effective communication solution for on-site applications across all industries, including:
• Mining
• Construction
• Hospitality
• Entertainment and recreation
• Film, music and theatre
• Event management
• Security
• Retail
• Government
• Manufacturing.

Streamlined Event Communications

Two-way radios are the perfect tool for coordinating your next event. Rent or hire a Motorola two-way communications system to effectively manage:
• Trade shows
• Sporting events
• Stocktakes
• Functions
• Film shoots
• Security and more.

Contact our friendly team for more information about renting or hiring your two-way radio system.
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